Women’s History Month — Remember How a Liberal Lawmaker Treated THIS Woman?

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, testified last November before a congressional subcommittee in support of a bill that would protect unborn babies from abortion if the doctor detected a heartbeat.

Abortion advocate Rep. Steve Cohen, who represents a poor district in Tennessee, implied that abortion was a beneficial social welfare program like Medicaid. Star said it was disingenuous to conflate killing unborn babies with government aid.

He didn’t like it. The congressman called her ignorant — right there during the hearing. But what he did after the cameras stopped rolling was worse.

Star visited Rep. Cohen’s district and spoke at a black church to explain how invested their congressman was in destroying their offspring and their community. She told them they had a decision to make.

In a Family Research Council interview related to Women’s History Month, Star spoke about these incidents and more.

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