World Vision Asks Board to Affirm Marriage

WorldVisionBuildingWorld Vision, the Christian humanitarian organization that changed its employment policy to allow “married” homosexual employees, then reversed the decision within 48 hours in the wake of a righteously indignant backlash, will now ask board members to sign a statement affirming marriage as the union between one man and one woman. An excerpt:

Since the policy change and reversal, the organization has lost about 10,000 of its child sponsors, or 1 percent of its donor base. Sponsors pay $35 a month, so the loss could add up to around $4.2 million annually.

There has been a drop in growth rate, but not a decline in overall donations, according to World Vision spokesman Steve Panton. Cash donations are up 1 percent compared with the same period last year, but less than the 3 percent World Vision had projected.

Unlike the previous policy change, this one shouldn’t be controversial. Anyone serving on the board of or working for a purportedly Christ-centered organization should believe in the faith’s tenets and have no problem publicly stating those beliefs.

Christians must stand firm against a degenerating culture, even if we make only a small impact. We know that Christ has already won. Our task–our commission–is to share the Gospel and make disciples. We are to be salt and light in the fallen world, to preserve it from complete corruption and influence it for good. As the light, we illuminate the darkness and point the unrepentant to Christ. Caving on something as important as marriage is a huge step in the wrong direction.

Although World Vision reversed its policy, it’s disheartening to know they were willing to embrace the sin of homosexuality and call it unity.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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