You Won’t Believe Who’s Urging HUD Secretary Ben Carson To Dismantle Obama’s ‘Transgender’ Rule for Homeless Shelters

The former president’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a rule last summer directing single-sex homeless shelters that receive government funding to disregard the privacy of many and cater to the mental disorders of a few and, inadvertently, the evil intentions of some.

Men pretending to be women, and vice versa, are allowed to stay in homeless shelters designated for the opposite sex, regardless of how “triggered” an abused woman might be sharing sleeping quarters with a man, as we noted in a BCN post last summer.

The rule apparently was ridiculous enough for other liberals to complain, particularly women calling themselves feminists. In fact, they should have complained about the “transgender” nonsense long ago, now that men pretending to be women are competing against women in sports.

Testosterone gives “women” a huge and unfair disadvantage.

Townhall reported that a coalition of people from both sides of the aisle sent HUD Secretary Ben Carson a letter urging him to cancel the previous administration’s “transgender” rule. From the letter (emphasis in original):

While the Rule discusses “single-sex” facilities, in reality it ended federally-funded single-sex emergency shelters with the stroke of a pen. All federally-funded women’s shelters have since been required to admit male clients who claim to feel female, or risk closing their doors to the women who desperately need them. Men’s shelters have also been required to admit female clients who claim to feel male. In all cases, this mainly puts female shelter clients in danger. As detailed below, the Rule puts already vulnerable women in danger and must be revised.

Sex is the only relevant categorization for placement in women’s single-sex shelters and other programs covered under the Rule.

In the interest of clarity and accuracy we use the relevant terms in line with their longstanding commonly-understood meanings: a woman is an adult human female, i.e., an individual with XX chromosomes and predominantly female anatomy. A man is an adult human male, i.e., an individual with XY chromosomes and predominantly male anatomy.

Feminists in general should want to protect the privacy of women and girls. They should oppose men in womens’s sports and in women’s restrooms and locker rooms as well. If they care so much about “women’s spaces,” why support laws and policies that allow men, even if they’re wearing a dress, to violate those spaces?

Let’s hope our political correctness-opposing HUD leader will repeal the rule as soon as possible.

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