A Marijuana Dispensary in the Neighborhood? — Not If This Group Has Any Say

Pro-lifer Rev. Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation, spoke at a protest against a medical marijuana dispensary going up in a neighborhood and near a preschool and day care in San Francisco.

Rev. Hoye, speaking on behalf of The Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, called marijuana the “greatest gateway drug ever known to man” and talked about the bad consequences of the drug, especially in a neighborhood.

From the news story about the protest:

The demonstrators say they think a pot dispensary is a bad fit for the area, raising concerns about the smell of marijuana smoke and an increase in crime in the area.

They say because there is a daycare center and a preschool not far away, the city should deny the permit.

“I’m just really worried about the impact the youth,” resident Susanna Chia said. “Because they say, ‘Oh, it’s legalized so it must be right, it must be ok,’ and also, they’re trying to make cookies and candies. Yeah, a lot of the merchants on Noriega are not supportive of it so respect the neighborhood.”

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  1. should never permit marijuana dispensary near any school