A Pastor’s Pro-Gun Decision Might Shock the Gun-Control Crowd

Defending yourselves — with guns, swords, or whatever is at hand — is neither unbiblical nor incompatible with being a Christian. One pastor, Melvin Clark, wants to make sure his congregation isn’t defenseless in a mass-murder scenario because everyone but the shooter is unarmed. From Inquisitr.com (emphases added):

Since the mass murder carried out in a church in Charleston, S.C., in June, there has been an increased concern about the safety of parishioners, particularly those in predominantly black congregations. A number of politicians and Second Amendment advocates have spoken of placing armed officers in churches — in some cases, as Fox 10 Phoenix reports, whether they wanted them or not.

In this case, however, according to NBC, the Washington Missionary Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina, is arming the congregation by choice. Pastor Melvin Clark says that rather than have individuals take matters into their own hands, and carry guns to church to feel safe, whether or not they’re trained in the use, he’ll have ten members of his congregation trained, through a police training program or a local community college program. These members will be armed, and act as plainclothes security guards for the church on a rotating schedule.

According to the article, the church already buzzes people in. Such is the concern.

Star Parker and other black conservatives held a press conference in 2013 to speak out against gun control laws. Back in the day, the government tried to infringe on law-abiding black Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Disarming the people. NEVER AGAIN:

Photo credit: Washington Missionary Baptist Church Facebook

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  1. Absolutely agree. It is, however, a sad commentary on what has become of the America I grew up in – it just doesn’t exist anymore!

    With, as the FBI acknowledges, Islamist ‘terrorists’ in every state, it should be shouted from the pulpits of every church in America that these whacks would have no hesitation to blow up any church – some Mosque, probably not so much!

    God bless, head on a swivel, and stay safe….