What This Governor Just Did Will Anger Abortion Advocates

prolifeTshirtUtah has joined four other states — Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Hampshire — in defunding Planned Parenthood in the wake of shocking videos showing the organization and StemExpress discussing the sale of body parts of aborted babies and Planned Parenthood workers gruesomely picking through aborted babies for parts.

Gov. Gary Herbert said what Planned Parenthood was up to is “deeply disturbing.” He blocked state agencies from funneling federal tax dollars to the organization. From the Salt Lake City Tribune:

Karrie Galloway, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah executive director, slammed the decision Friday evening.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m appalled that the governor is making policy decisions according to news reports of allegations — without looking at Planned Parenthood’s 50-year history in the state of Utah,” she said, “and the fact that we have never erroneously used any state or federal money outside the rules.”

Note that quotes from abortion advocates dominate the story. They talk about money going to education and “evidence-based programs to reduce teen pregnancy.” Why can’t Planned Parenthood do all these things and more with donor funding? Technically, abortions are not supposed to be funded with federal dollars, but what’s the difference when our money continues to flow to the place that does abortions? No tax dollars for Planned Parenthood. Period.

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One comment

  1. Why is Utah the 4th state to defund Planned Parenthood? We should have been first. We seem to hold ourselves out as “righteous” because of the high Mormon and Catholic population. Here is my response to Eagle Forum….a magnificent organization fighting for the rights of the unborn and for our liberties.

    Dear Utah Eagle Forum,
    I received your email today asking us to thank Governor Herbert. I am sitting here in amazement. He is LDS. He is supposed to be LDS. How did he ever embrace this at all? Even for a moment.

    Shame on him for any previous monies sent to Planned Parenthood. He has the power to understand what has been going on. He is fairly intelligent. This should have been stopped the day he took office. As far as I’m concerned, he has failed hundreds of thousands of dead babies. He doesn’t deserve any thanks for finally being forced to do what he should have already done.

    I see no willingness in him to Choose the Right….I only see him capitulate because of the horror we citizens expressed. We’ve been expressing opposition to this but it took exposure to make him move on it. Finally……………

    Karen Lundgren

    Feel free to express my disgust to the Honorable Governor Herbert as to his 11th hour repentance. His soul is dirty.

    Meanwhile, all those innocent babies who were sold for their organs…..I just have no words for his offense by doing nothing while they died.