A Veteran and Mother Said These Issues Are More Important Than ‘Police Brutality’

Kathy Barnette, who served for 10 years in the U.S. Armed Forces, talked about issues more pressing among blacks than “police brutality,” or whatever NFL players are protesting.

Barnette said there are “some very real issues in the black community, some very real, systemic issues,” but so-called police brutality probably isn’t in the top five. Among the top issues that affect the black community are family instability and fatherless homes.

The veteran teaches her children that they’re not victims.

Listen to her opinion on what NFL players should be doing instead of kneeling in protest and the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

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  1. Hello, I was tagged by a friend to see your post, here. Needless to say, I don’t come across a lot of positive or neutral commentary from Black outlets about my views regarding the Black community. Thank you.

  2. Always glad to see another black person who is TRULY “woke” and aware of actual stats and facts. The cruciality of a father in the home cannot be overstated, (with the exception of “men” like LeVar Ball, who apparently believes disciplining a child is a white thing rather than the right thing).

    An example of the importance of strong, male figures can be taken from nature. Decades ago, in an effort to control the numbers of the African elephant population, culls were instigated. However, older adult males and females were targeted and the younger ones and babies spared. The problem was that the older females held the knowledge of where the food and water is throughout the year. The older males were not only required for their mature, optimum sperm, their presence was imperative to keeping youngster male elephants in line.

    Within a generation the elephant herds were in trouble. The younger females lacked sufficient memories to properly lead the herds and the young males, without large bull elephants to check their hormonal surges, were becoming feral sociopaths, attacking not only female elephants, but rhinos, zebra and other animals. Havoc was ensuing. Finally, researchers imported huge bull elephants from other regions to the adult-deficient region. The beneficial effects were almost immediate, with the bulls intervening and checking the young males each time their hormones surged and order was finally restored. (Over time, too, enough females learned the locations of foods and water supplies throughout the year and great matriarchs once again lead the herds).