Killing Millions of Your Own Citizens But Allowing Millions of Migrants to Come to the U.S. Illegally — Star Parker Discusses Both

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on Newsmax to discuss immigration and abortion. She contrasted the lack of border control and the killing of millions of unborn babies.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security secretary said that he has operational control of the southern border. But illegal migration has increased. What’s Star’s take? She calls the Democrats liars.

“You know the great irony, when you think about them allowing for foreigners to break into our country, they’re canceling their own society through abortion,” Star said.

Focusing on the black community, she added that “we’re looking at 24 million dead at the hand of these abortionists since Roe v. Wade.” Putting that in perspective, there are 48 million blacks in the U.S. Those killed since 1973 are half the population of black Americans today. But leftists have no problem allowing millions of illegal migrants to come into the country.

“I can’t figure where their rationale is,” Star said. “But make no mistake: we are having those discussions right now, and it does look like the court is going to push [abortion] back to the states to have the discussion about whether we should kill our offspring.”

Watch the brief clip for more about the Biden administration lifting Title 42.

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