Amazon Removes Justice Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month

Ryan T. Anderson, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, recently learned that Amazon removed his book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement. Anderson and others call the book a thoughtful discussion of problems with the transgender movement.

Now Amazon has removed another product the company apparently doesn’t like. The online retail giant has removed from its streaming service a documentary about Justice Clarence Thomas, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” which was released on January 31. Justice Thomas talks about his life and his rough journey to the high court after a former colleague, Anita Hill, accused him of sexually harassing her on the job.

The irony is that Amazon is suppressing a documentary about a black man sitting on the Supreme Court, a distinguished accomplishment, during Black History Month.

Breitbart noted that Amazon created an “Amplify Black Voices” page, which contains a collection of videos to honor Black History Month. But Amazon is choosing not to amplify Justice Thomas’s “black voice.”

Amazon has made a significant effort to celebrate black voices on its site during Black History Month, including films of Thurgood Marshall and even Anita Hill, but can’t find any space for a documentary on our only sitting black Supreme Court justice? This makes no sense at all, other than Amazon made a decision to not show this film because Justice Thomas is a black justice who has conservative views.

Big Tech’s war against conservatives will continue, and conservatives will have to begin the hard work of creating their own platforms to host their videos and articles.

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  1. I am incensed that Amazon would disrespect Judge Thomas as they have. In his words, The Judge explains the issue simply – Apparently GHWB picked the wrong Black guy.

    MI have been a loyal Prime Member for years, but I cannot and will no longer support this blatant corporate disregard of Constitutional values. I am ready to consign these elite hypocrites to history’s ashbin. I begin with Amazon. Is anyone interested in a Fire TV set up as soon as I can find a worthy replacement?

  2. The Rainbow Flag is a Real Symbol of Hate!
    Those people Hate and will get in your face yelling and screaming if you refuse to believe or participate in their perversion!

  3. Ivan P Willowstomper

    Isn’t the honorable Justice Clarence Thomas black enough?
    The good man was lynched by DemonocRats over the telling of a dirty joke, considering the inquisitor Teddy Kennedy drove Mary Jo. . . . Into an ice cold watery grave drunk after attending a drug infested sex orgy one night. She was pregnant and Teddy’s vehicle was only submersed at the roof one foot under water. Hypocrisy on anabolic steroids and hatred for a good black American!

  4. Anyone who subscribes to any and all Amazon products should rethink their support of this bigoted corporation.
    One can live without Amazon and the unnecessary expense incurred.
    Evidently Amazon only wants to recognize achievements by those who support the government plantation and don’t make waves.

  5. One more reason NOT to buy from Amazon.

  6. I checked Ebony Magazine and The Root Magazine, for any mention of Amazon banning “Created Equal” and could not find one article or word about it. Out of the Top 20 Black Magazines & Publications to follow in 2021, The Root was #1 and Ebony #2. What a joke. Why isn’t anyone outraged? In addition to cancelling Amazon, think about boycotting Ebony and The Root.