School Board Member Caught Comparing Re-Opening Schools to Slavery

A member of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board compared re-opening schools to slavery. The board vice president, Chardá Bell-Fontenot, apparently didn’t realize the video call was public. Board members were discussing whether to re-open schools, which the majority of parents favor.

“That seems like a very white supremacist ideology, to force people to comply and conform, just letting you know. Privilege, check it you guys,” Bell-Fontenot said to fellow board members, with hundreds of parents listening. Another board member took offense to her remarks. Bell-Fontenot didn’t get her way. The board voted to allow schools to re-open with a combination of virtual and in-person instruction. Parents are calling for Bell-Fontenot’s resignation.

A Daily Caller reporter documented what happened on a Twitter thread.

School board members need to learn how to use video conferencing technology if they want private moments to share negative opinions about the residents who pay their salaries.

Members of the Oakley Union Elementary School District were caught in a “hot mike” moment last week mocking parents who want their kids to return to school.

Board president Lisa Brizendine said parents “want their babysitters back.” Member Richie Masadas said his brother used to deliver medical marijuana, and his top customers were parents with kids in school. He said parents wanted kids to return so they can smoke weed all day. The superintendent apologized, and four members, including Brizendine and Masadas, resigned.

Photo credit: By EquityFairy – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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  1. Ivan P Willowstomper

    Entitlement is not a job. Free people work for a living, entitlement thugs demand we pay them well for NOTHING! Union or not, it’s morality over thuggery!

  2. A possible solution to Bell-Fontenot concerns would be to dismiss all Black employees and replace them with non-Blacks. Many a sword blade has two edges

  3. I guess now we know what some “educators” really think of parents! Not really surprised – my late sister-in-law, who was heavily involved in PTA, used to tell me about her encounters with teachers. Many of them felt threatened by parents who spoke up the way she did.