American Christian Persecution Under Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has weakened our freedom of religion. The federal government hasn’t attacked Christians this way under previous presidents.

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, and columnist Tim Carney, recently appeared on EWTN News Nightly to discuss this and other topics.

The host asked Star how easy it would be to reverse this trend. It won’t be easy, she said. The persecution against Christians in America is unprecedented.

“I think that we should be very concerned the president changed this country for maybe 100 years, depending on what happens on the Supreme Court” over the next two years. “His worldview is secular and statist, which was problematic to Christians all over the world.”

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One comment

  1. Well spoken, Star. We hope it does not take 100 years. Who remembers that what once was Constantinople is now Istanbul ? At risk to be killed: Christians in Muslim countries and babies in American wombs.