Angela Stanton-King: Voting Against Our Interest is a Dangerous Game

One thing that has troubled me recently is why black Americans continue to vote for people and not policies. It seems as if many of us are blinded by the truth sitting in plain sight. In the upcoming election, you see many candidates rushing to bid as the next contender for the 2020 presidential election: Joe Biden (responsible for the 90’s crime bill that led to mass incarceration); Kamala Harris (former California Attorney General/voted against First Step Act and Born-Alive Act); Corey Booker (voted against First Step Act and Born-Alive Act); Bernie Sanders (pro-death); Elizabeth Warren (pro-death); and Beto O’Rourke (pro-death), just to name a few.

Cornell University reported that 89 percent of black Americans voted Democrat in the 2016 election, with only eight percent of black Americans voting Republican. Why? Because the majority of black Americans have voted Democrat for the last 40 years with no return on their loyalty. The Democratic party has convinced us to sacrifice our children at the abortion mills by telling us that death is better than life. They have separated our families by offering us section 8 and demanding that the fathers of our children live outside of our homes. They passed and enforced mass incarceration with three- strikes-you’re-out. As a result, our children have grown up fatherless, and our family structures have been weakened — all by a political party that wants us totally reliant on them for our basic needs of survival.

When will black Americans wake up and realize that low levels of labor force participation and high levels of welfare dependency contribute to crime and delinquency? As we raise our voices to racism and injustice, why are we willing participants to our own genocide? As of today, over 19 million black lives have been ended by abortion, and in plain sight, abortion clinics have been strategically placed in minority areas to target low-income women and the socially undesirable.

As the Democratic party advocates for the death of American children in the womb, proclaiming they are an economic burden and should be deprived of their right to life, remember that they are advocating for children and families at the border to be given the very life they feel your child doesn’t deserve to live.

Angela Stanton-King is the Founder and President of American King Foundation, whose mission is to reunite American families separated by mass incarceration with a pathway to justice, economic stability, and relational wellness.

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  1. Angela Stanton-King makes some powerful arguments about Black political party preferences. She did omit the staggering amount of homeless African Americans living on the streets across the nation. When will each political party address this pressing issue (and which may be to blame for it)?

  2. Possibly most disturbing of all, in Los Angeles (considered a top destination for migrants from Mexico and Central America), very, very few of the aforementioned persons can been seen sleeping in cardboard boxes, panhandling, or pushing shopping baskets with their belongings. Vast majority are African Americans born and bred in this nation. Each political party must speak to this issue if they covet the Black vote going forward.