Another State Forces Pro-Life Doctors and Nurses at Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

California requires licensed pregnancy centers, which exist to save unborn babies’ lives, to post the following notice:

“California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at [insert the telephone number].”

These pro-lifers are mandated to remind women that they may kill their own children and get taxpayers to cover the cost. This is a violation of their freedom of speech, religion, and conscience.

Pregnancy centers sued the state; two courts ruled against them. The plaintiffs have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will decide in September whether to hear the case.

Meanwhile, pregnancy centers in another state face a similar abortion-promotion mandate. Religion Today reported that Christian pregnancy centers in Illinois have sued the state to stop a law forcing doctors and nurses to tell pregnant women about the option to kill their their babies.

The lawsuit says the change in the law violates free speech because the pregnancy centers say giving counsel for abortion is against their beliefs.

Proponents of the law say the change only requires physicians and nurses to inform patients of all their options, which is something that is standard in the medical field.

The law was amended to protect patients who didn’t know all their options. It went into effect in the state on Jan. 1.

“A pro-life physician cannot in good conscience do that,” Thomas Olp, an attorney for the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit religious liberty law firm, said.

The article noted that the Illinois pregnancy centers suing don’t receive taxpayers’ money.

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  1. It should be the choice of the mother. If she is not ready to raise a kid, why force her to give a birth?

  2. Rev. Steven L. Craft

    Here is the problem with your thinking…”If a woman is not “ready” to raise a child, then why should she be “forced” to have sexual intercourse, knowing full well sex still makes babies? In other words, if you are not ready to face the consequences of so-called unplanned pregnancy, simply abstain from sexual activity!!!
    No one has the right to murder an innocent unborn child, because your mother didn’t abort you!
    Rev. Stevie Craft