Black Voters and Campaign 2024 — Star Parker Said Big Government Has Backfired on Us

Star Parker is the founder and CEO of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE). She appeared on the Washington Journal segment of CSPAN on Sunday to discuss black voters in the upcoming election and the CURE-sponsored tome, “The State of Black Progress.”

Various authors contributed to the tome, and topics ranged from health care to education to financial empowerment. Some of the authors spoke at an event at the American Enterprise Institute in February. Watch it here. You won’t be sorry!

Star discussed the findings of “The State of Black Progress” and said this generation of young black Americans isn’t buying into the grievance-group mentality. They’re wondering why they have less money in their pockets under Joe Biden.

The cohesiveness in our society has broken down, Star said. On Saturday, people in the nation’s capital were trying to get through traffic because of the “pride” parade. At the same time, a pro-Palestinian group was protesting. Star said it was interesting how many grievance groups there are in our society.

Are young black voters rejecting the grievance groups? Star said they’re asking why they have to be in one.

“Maybe there’s something about the messaging of freedom. Maybe there is something about the messaging and opportunities that we have here in America.”

What about the civil rights movement? We can’t forget that history, Star said. We saw a lot of changes with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act, and the Fair Housing Act.

“The challenge for blacks, and the rest of the country, is we also saw growth of government,” Star said. “We saw LBJ think that answers to what had happened during the journey of African Americans in this country, from slavery through Jim Crow…he thought the answer was Big Government, and it wasn’t. And it has backfired on us tremendously using those approaches.”

We needed the government to remove its own barriers. But we ended up going in another direction. Too far.

Star also shared how she became a conservative — an important part of her story.

“I find that the freedom that you’re allowed in a conservative environment, where you have a rule of law we all understand, and we have a common culture that we all appreciate, it allows mankind to flourish, that we can develop our own purpose and agency. And so I’m very comfortable politically in the conservative party.”

Well said. And Star had a lot more to say. Watch the full segment in the video below.

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