Now States Have to Codify Definitions of ‘Men,’ ‘Women,’ ‘Male,’ and ‘Female’

Yes, we’re at the point where we have to affirm the definitions of words.

Louisiana’s governor signed a bill into law last week that protects spaces for women and girls and affirms definitions and distinctions between men and women, effective August 1.

Liberty Counsel reported about Louisiana and Oklahoma now joining at least six other states, including Kansas, Mississippi, and Montana, in affirming definitions of women and men, male and female.

Oklahoma’s “Women’s Bill of Rights” (HB 1449) overwhelmingly passed the state’s Senate and House 35-7 and 79-17, respectively. The law states its “purpose” is to provide “clarity, certainty, and uniformity” as to how “both biological sexes” are treated in the state.

In other words, the law requires state authorities to respect the differences between males and females as traditionally applied in public keeping sex-designated public spaces, education, and sports reserved for those specific biological genders.

According to Liberty Counsel, at least 13 states bar men from using public facilities for women and girls.

“We commend Governors Kevin Stitt and Jeff Landry and state legislators for protecting women and girls against a false and destructive ideology,” said, Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman. “These laws protect both men and women while maintaining a grip on reality. Biology is fixed at birth and more states need to reject gender ideology and keep women and girls safe.”

Protect our girls! Join us in this fight and help spread the word.

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  1. Not surprising when the Godless is wicked are in power… first it’s ignoring one’s Creator. Then it’s calling good bad n promoting immorality. Next there’s THIS irrationality towards empty intellect towards our Life Sustainer. Shameful. Finally will come I ME MY MINE hatred of the Redeemers gospel invitation w malice. SINister they are n more evil it’ll become I’m afraid. Then the End..

  2. My wife showed me the new patient form that she had to submit to a referred doctor
    Rather than ask for your gender now it merely asks gender at birth. Big help for the medical staff.

  3. This Insanity all started when the SCOTUS took it upon themselves to change the definition of the Word, Marriage, which had described the relationship of Man and Wife for Thousands of Years!
    Part of the Fundamental Change that Obama promised if elected!