This Christian Healthcare Ministry Has the RIGHT to Serve According to Its Beliefs — Will the Sixth Circuit Protect That Right?

The executive branch under Biden likes to redefine words in federal law to achieve the administration’s aims. Redefining the word “sex” away from its biological and ordinary usage, however, is dangerous for women and girls — and it violates their privacy.

The Biden administration in April finalized rules that redefine the word “sex” in Title IX to include sexual orientation and “gender identity.” The U.S. Congress passed Title IX in 1972 to bar discrimination against girls and women in any school or educational program that receives federal tax dollars.

Congress passed this law so that women and girls would have equal opportunities. There are two sexes. The legislative body did not intend for “sex” to include men with fantasies of being women.

The Biden administration has redefined “sex” across executive agencies, and some states have followed suit.

For example, states courts are reinterpreting the word “sex” in anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation and “gender identity” — just like the Biden administration. Under Michigan’s so-called civil rights  laws, religious healthcare organizations must hire people who don’t share their faith, according to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Additionally, the state will retaliate if they refuse to harm children with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Michigan also requires these organizations to play along with an individual’s fantasies about being the opposite sex and refer to them that way.

As is the case with other civil rights laws, religious organizations in Michigan cannot explain that their reasons for refusal are religious. ADF represents Christian Healthcare Centers in a case attorneys recently argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. An excerpt:

 All of this violates the ministry’s religious beliefs, burdens its ability to advance its religious mission, and undermines its ability to provide safe health care to its community.

The organization’s founders formed the ministry to offer a distinctly Christian alternative to traditional primary care, focusing on meeting patients’ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs. To that end, it hires staff who share its religious mission and provide medical care consistent with its religious beliefs.

The government cannot violate Christian Healthcare Centers’ right to operate according to its religious beliefs.

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  1. Merdies R. Hayes

    What exactly is a “distinctly Christian alternative” and what are the dividing points (or criteria for services offered) among Protestants and Catholics? Doesn’t sound like this organization will make its services available to non-Christians.

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