Blacks Worse Off Today Than 60 Years Ago — Because of Democrats

Candace Owens spoke with the Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey about becoming a conservative and standing firm on her principles.

In the brief clip, Owens said she hates being told what to think.

Liberals want individuals to be judged by their race and sex.

“You are black, you are a woman, and you cannot exist outside of that,” Owens said, and “we need to understand that in many ways, we’ve gone backwards from the themes that [Martin Luther King] was teaching when he gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. His dream is being realized, but it’s not being realized by the Democratic Party right now.”

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  1. Sharing this on my blog. Thanks.

  2. The Democrat Party. the party of the KKK and segregation, never wanted to see the minorities succeed. The biggest fear for the Democrats is for minorities to become successful and learn the economics of free enterprise, why: because when one succeeds in life they tend to become Republicans in order to protect what they have earned.
    Democrats support puppet politicians in the minority communities, telling the community that unless they vote Democrat they will lose their welfare, their food supplements, their EBT cards, their housing, their medical, etc.
    Lyndon Johnson was all smiles the day he and the Democrat Party instituted the “Great Society” because he new he had trapped millions of Democrat votes for decades to come through monetary slavery.
    Hopefully Star Parker and her pastor network can undo some of these injustices to the minority communities.

  3. Ms. Owens, despite your eloquent argument, I’m convinced that African Americans are far, far better off than we were in 1958. More homeowners, college graduates. professional persons, etc. We’re not doing as bad as many people may believe.