Boys Now Allowed To Join Girls' Athletic Teams In Minnesota Schools

boysgirlsteamsIn a controversial ruling this week, the Minnesota State High School League voted to force the state’s public schools to allow boys on their girls’ sports teams. The decision has already raised a number of red flags among critics, including the perception that transgender boys have an inherent physical advantage over girls.

Minnesota Child Protection League coordinator Michele Lentz affirmed that it is generally the case that a “biological male has a larger skeletal structure” and “more muscle,” meaning allowing boys to compete alongside girls “puts those girls in a situation where they could get hurt.”

Plenty of others see the potential for abuse by boys claiming to identify as girls with the hidden motive of exploiting their female teammates.

The Child League ran ads ahead of the vote warning that, if approved, the move to allow boys on girls’ teams could not only lead to “your 14-year-old daughter” losing a position to a boy, but “now she may have to shower with him.”

Despite the concerns being voiced, however, proponents of the change have gone as far as to lump opponents in with hate groups including Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

According to board president Scott McCready, the 18-1 decision came as the result of an “exhausting” period of reflection throughout the past year. Though the board celebrates its open and thorough review of details and testimony from those on both sides of the issue, it is clear many see the ruling as woefully inadequate in dealing with a number of important issues.

Attorney John Hagen opined that, given the language of the ruling, schools would be obligated to allow the burliest of young men to “play power forward on the girls’ basketball team, regardless of safety considerations,” or open themselves up to a lawsuit.

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. Minnesotans re-elected Al Franken. How can I think anything else is extraodinary to the people of this state. They had an “exhaustive” period of reflection for a year? Get these simpletons off the board and stop this new world order of nonsense. Research has proven it is in our DNA boys can only be boys and girls can only be girls. Those who go against their nature (believe me I have empathy for people who are gender confused) have a very high incidence of suicide, especially the individuals who have an operation to change their gender. So let’s stop the confusion at least in the younger grades.

  2. Unfortunately you have been misled by the irrational fears and deliberate misinformation of Michelle Lentz. She needs people to be scared so that they will continue to donate to her organization. Here is the actual policy in question. Also the fear surrounding trans girls in the locker room being a risk to biological girls is unfounded. Transgenderism has nothing to do with sexual orientation, it has to with gender identity. Transgender girls are not going to prey on your daughters, they simply want the opportunity to play sports.

    • Misled about what, exactly? “Transgender girls” are still boys. These are biological males, with all that it implies. The words on that PDF don’t change the fact. There’s more to the problem of “preying” on girls. I don’t care if a boy “feels” like a girl. He’s a boy and should play on boys’ sports teams, or don’t play sports at all.