Shared Restrooms: Are Privacy and Modesty Quaint Concepts?

restroomsAs homosexuals gain special rights, the rest of us are losing our constitutional freedom of religion, speech, and association.

Last week, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) sent policy recommendations to government school districts on restrooms and locker rooms for boys pretending to be girls, and vice versa. Now children are exposed to this silliness and degeneracy. Because a boy might feel like a girl, the rest of us have to suppress eye-rolls and go along with the charade as he uses the girls’ bathroom or locker room, or we’re “intolerant” haters and bigots.

The ADF recommends that schools retain separate bathrooms and locker rooms for boys and girls, but provide separate accommodations for the “small number of students” pretending to be a person of the opposite sex. An excerpt:

The ADF letters explain that, contrary to what some mistakenly believe, no federal law requires public schools to allow boys into girls’ restrooms or girls into boys’ restrooms. In fact, schools and school districts could be exposing themselves to legal liability for violating students’ privacy rights and placing children in potentially unsafe conditions.

How has the homosexual lobby, which includes the so-called transgendered nonsense, made such inroads as to force (via government power) girls and boys to use the same restrooms and locker rooms? Is modesty no longer a recognized virtue? What about safety and privacy?

I think parents should fight this. No “transgendered” accommodations in government schools. Unless people can change their sex chromosomes, they will remain male and female.

I’m still waiting for a grassroots movement of fed-up parents to petition the government to be exempt from paying for these schools. If more parents removed their children and either homeschooled or sent them to private schools, perhaps we’d reach a critical mass that makes a difference. Instead of trying to change government schools, abandon them. Money talks.

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  1. You are correct, parents should proclaim loudly that this is taking away the rights of their children. Would this not lead to perhaps assaults in bathrooms in older grades? Where is the common sense where we give mentally disordered young people the right to stomp on our children’s rights? I hold the same for colleges. The slime and lies that college professors indoctrinate our college students with are paid for with tax dollars. My children are grown but I will gladly stand with the objection of parents who have children in K-12. I have already written my representative and senator. I am so tired of right being wrong and wrong being right!!! Gay or lesbian I have no objections to equal rights but it is the made-up gender chimeras that I believe, have read articles that this behavior is symptom of mental disorder, the “genders” in between should not determine the assault on all normal children.

  2. My 16 y.o. son is among those who have bought into this transgendered nonsense!! It breaks my heart!!! And yet, I agree wholeheartedly with this article…chromosomes don’t lie! All of this started in the generation of “if it feels good, do it”…and now FEELINGS are the DICTATORS of our lives! Thank you for this article – it succinctly addresses what I have been trying to communicate to my son, the counselors, & the psychiatrists for the last year!