CDC Reports 'Historic Low' 730,322 Abortions

abortion_killsThe Washington Examiner published an article on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent Morbidity and Mortality weekly report (appropriate title) on abortion.

According to the CDC, 730,322 voiceless and vulnerable human beings died in 2011 (latest figures) mostly for the sake of convenience, a downward trend from 2002. The CDC calls it a historic low. Eighteen percent of all pregnancies ended in the death of the baby. An excerpt:

But the numbers are up among women 25 and older, with a big jump among women over 40, said CDC.

What’s more, 10 women died as a result of having “legal induced abortions,” said the CDC.

The good news was in the lower rates of abortion among women aged 15-24. CDC said that abortion rates were down and it suggested that education and birth control were key factors.

The abortion rate was highest among black women and lowest among white women.

The motto for the Ferguson riots is “black lives matter.” Why don’t unborn black lives matter? Or the lives of the black children growing up in homes without a biological father to love and protect them?

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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  1. Anytime you have to prove your humanity to other human beings is a problem. When I see these “Black Lives Matter” posters, all I can think of is that they don’t show it with their actions. Our lives matter, but we need to act as if they all matter, black lives should not matter when only black men are impacted. The lives of all of us provide worth to this world.