Christian Pakistani Woman Miscarries After Beating By Muslims


A twenty-eight year old Christian Pakistani woman, Elishba Bibi, was recently beaten by two Muslim brothers, resulting in a miscarriage.

She was stripped naked and beaten with a pipe by the two Muslim brothers, Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal, after she had an argument regarding her beliefs with the brothers’ mother and sister.

After the argument, the brothers beat her with iron pipes, tore off her clothing, and brought her out into the street, where she lost consciousness. Bibi told the police that the brothers also stole her cellphone, jewelry, and some money.

Local Muslims stood and watched as the beating took place in the street. Later, some threw stones at the three-month pregnant woman as she attempted to walk home.

British Pakistani Christian Asssociation Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said: “This disgraceful attack was compounded by the further humiliation and hatred meted out by other members of the Muslim community, in a town with a history of violence against Christians.”

Bibi’s beating is one of hundreds of blasphemy-related human rights abuses that have occurred in Pakistan.

Local Christians gathered outside the police station in protest to demand that the Muslim brothers be held accountable, but the police “tried to bully the Christians into ending their peaceful protest.”

David Griffiths, Amnesty International’s deputy Asia Pacific director, said:

“The laws are often used to settle personal vendettas – both against members of minority religious groups and Muslims – while individuals facing charges are frequently targeted in mob violence. who speak out against the laws face terrible reprisals. However, the blasphemy laws violate international law and must be repealed or reformed immediately to meet international standards.”

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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