Christian School Says a Black Woman Who Broke the Cycle of Poverty and Repented of Her Sins Too ‘Radical’ to Speak to Students

Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, a Christian institution, weighed in on last week’s controversy involving Star Parker.

The University of Northwestern’s (Minnesota) Young America’s Foundation (YAF) invited the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education to share a pro-life and Christian message to the students. But the administration blocked her appearance, claiming both that YAF hadn’t followed procedure and that it was concerned about Star’s character.

“Another week in the news, and our nation’s colleges and universities have proven once again they have completely lost their minds — and their souls,” Dr. Piper wrote in the Washington Times.

The school said Star, a woman who broke the cycle of poverty and became a Christian, is radical and not fit to speak to Christian students.

In case you missed it, what you just heard was pretty clear: “How dare this black woman come to our campus and share ideas that ‘as a whole, we do not agree with’? Such uppity arrogance! Who gave her permission to speak out of turn? How dare she come into our neighborhood and come into our school and challenge our superiority. Who does this woman of color think she is?”

If you are surprised by this, you haven’t been paying attention. Day after day, you see it in the news. From Brown to Berkeley, it is clear that today’s colleges are more bastions of speech codes than they are bulwarks of free speech. Faculty and students alike are becoming more interested in identifying “trigger warnings” than they are in engaging the truth.

With the incessant call for “diversity,” one would think Star Parker is quite a coup for the school…unless they fear her decidedly anti-liberal viewpoint, which would seem odd for a purportedly Christ-centered institution.

The ivory tower is no longer a place of open debate and the free exchange of ideas, but rather one of ideological foreclosure and groupthink. Your local university is now a virtual sanctuary city for racial animus, balkanization and division. It is no longer a citadel of the unity, veritas and virtue.

The modern university has become a mockery of its stated ideals. Racial reconciliation has been replaced by critical race theory. Peddlers of Intersectionality now openly mock Christ’s higher call to forgive rather than fight against those with whom we disagree. “We shall overcome” has been replaced by “we will crush you.” Submit or be silenced. Contrary ideas are verboten.

Such is the consequence of victimization. Fear of ideas, of rational discussion, leads to stifling dissent. Marketplace of ideas? That phrase is destined to become a throwback, a relic that people will read about in books. So goes a “free” country.

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  1. The most intolerant among us are those who preach tolerance.

  2. They are fools if they think she’s anything–but qualified to speak.

    Escape from Uncle Sam’s Plantation
    Is my book
    Please let her know that I support her.
    And I read two of her books.
    Star Parker is a class act and has a great testimony that everyone should listen to.

    • Well Ed, it would be hard to state STAR’s qualifications better than that! She is a Remarkable woman!

      • She inspired me to write my book. I worked as part of the corrupt system that she talks about. She is correct when she talks about the plantation. The book I wrote focuses on the school Plantation.. but it’s all part of the same machine.