This State Gets to the Point — Even Church Employees’ Health Plans Must Offer Coverage for Abortions

The Democratic governor of Washington state signed into a law a measure (PDF) that requires employers to include health plan coverage for killing unborn babies if the same plan offers maternity coverage care.

The Democrat-controlled legislature didn’t include religious exemptions.

That means churches, pro-life businesses, and organizations must entangle themselves in the big business of abortion.

Maternity care and abortion couldn’t be more different. One is health care; the other isn’t. One involves caring for mother and baby; the other harms both.

Alliance Defending Freedom, legal counsel for a church suing to stop enforcement, released the following (emphasis added):

“No church should be coerced to pay for abortions, least of all a church that dedicates its ministry to protecting and celebrating life,” said ADF Legal Counsel Elissa Graves. “Cedar Park believes and teaches that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection at every point until natural death. Further still, Cedar Park demonstrates its pro-life ethic in tangible ways: partnership with a local pregnancy care center, hosting an annual camp for children in foster care, operating a school that serves over 1,000 students, and ministering to hundreds of couples struggling with infertility. The state of Washington has no business strong-arming this church, or any other, into contradicting the deeply held beliefs that motivate its ministry.”

Democrats want to make outlaws of pro-lifers and others who oppose the killing of the unborn. To add insult to this fatal injury, they also want to force taxpayers to fund the deaths. The state perverts pro-lifers’ efforts to promote healthy pregnancy by coercing them to be complicit in unborn babies’ destruction.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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  1. Leave it to the progressive socialist/communist demokrats to dictate their views on the Citizen. You may not care about this law because it does not affect you personally, but the day will come when these tyrants will pass a law that throws your beliefs, your ideals to the curb.
    Remember the old saying they came for my neighbor and I did nothing – then they came for me.

    • I agree. Religious liberty is under attack on many fronts. The urban/coastal elites simply can’t fathom why anyone would disagree with their priorities – in this case, free abortion – or why our religious freedom is so important.

      However, I am hopeful because Alliance Defending Freedom is taking the state to court. They never give up, and will take it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.