CNN Claimed Sister of Man Killed By Police Called for Peace — Except She Didn’t

Humans are biased. That’s our nature. But it’s reasonable to expect news organizations not to broadcast lies.

The sister of the armed man the police killed on Saturday had some ignorant things to say. In CNN’s report about prayer vigils, however, the network said his sister called for peace.

“Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here!”

CNN left out the rest of her remarks. This is what she said (emphasis added):

“Burnin down s*** ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down s*** we need in our community. Take that s*** to the suburbs. Burn that s*** down! We need our s***! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

CNN reporter Ana Cabrera made a false statement…unless she didn’t know about the rest of the woman’s statements. She didn’t call for peace. In fact, she told the rioters to take the violence somewhere else.

How did CNN respond to getting caught in a lie?

“Short-handed” a quote that stated the opposite of what CNN claimed? Unintentional impression? There was no impression. Cabrera said the woman called for peace.

CNN: The Most “Trusted” Name in News

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  1. This twit sister was outrageously concerned about having her ‘weaves’ destroyed by mob violence??!!
    ANYTHING ELSE she might have to say about anything can’t be taken seriously. It would be the ravings of a maniac.

  2. “Take that s*** to the suburbs. Burn that s*** down! We need our s***!”

    Problem with that, little wretch, is you attack my place/stuff, unlike the PC police who fear losing their jobs, you WILL get shot – burning, looting, ANYTHING out of the ordinary, NOT ALLOWED here! YOU want those clowns in your ghetto neighborhoods or they wouldn’t be there….

    • I had an African American student a number of years ago who wanted to leave school ( in the burbs) to go into our city where rioting and looting was occurring. When I asked him why, that he would be in danger, he replied: “gotta get me some free stuff”.
      Perhaps he was on to one of the other reasons riots happen.

  3. “African American”? Bullsh*t! You’re either AN AMERICANS or you’re not. It’s as simple as that. People who put ANYTHING before their nationality are inherently racist. The only group of Americans I know of who put their another continent before their nationality as a description of their race are negroes. ThE vast majority of blacks in the United States have never BEEN to Africa, much less FROM there! All that little dash (-) does is create division. I was raised to believe that we live in a UNITED States of America, not a “Diverse States of America”.

    Unity or diversity? We sure can’t have both.