America’s College Students Are Being Indoctrinated as Foot Soldiers For the Left

Teresa Manning, the policy director at the National Association of Scholars, spoke with Star Parker on Cure America about the organization’s data research in documenting the liberal takeover of college faculty and the impact on young people in America.

Manning said that colleges and universities are now used as ideological weapons, and they’re not educating students. She added that surveys show college students remain ignorant of history in general and American history in particular. These students are “going into debt, spending precious time, not to be educated, but to be foot soldiers for the political left.”

Watch more of this insightful interview below.

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One comment

  1. Lively informative discussion in depth about this wide spread problem concerning the Marxist takeover of college campuses.

    Star Parker and Theresa Manning, JD, thank you for all you both are doing and will continue to accomplish to push back against this travesty.