Comparing Photo ID to Jim Crow 'Patently Absurd'

voterID_3It’s a sad commentary on the state of politics that liberals have turned something as common as a photo ID into a race-based wedge.

People who function in society — going to work, shopping, running errands, and generally taking care of their affairs — have at least a driver’s license as proof of identity. People who don’t drive can and do obtain a non-driver’s ID from the DMV. Americans with nothing to hide have no problem presenting their photo ID, whether they’re withdrawing money from the bank or applying for a library card.

Democrats stir up racial tension by comparing the requirement to present photo ID before voting to poll taxes and literacy tests. The suggestion that black Americans in 2014 face similar barriers as black Americans did back then should stir them against liberals, not conservatives. It also perpetuates negative stereotypes about blacks.

But, alas, something that individuals need to get a job, rent an apartment, open a bank account, enter government buildings, apply for welfare, etc., is suddenly “racist” come election time. Ed Feulner, former president of the Heritage Foundation, penned an op-ed for the Washington Times on the voter ID issue:

Why should [showing photo ID] be any different when we vote? Anyone can show up and claim to be you. Imagine if all someone had to do was state your name and address. I don’t know about you, but producing a form of ID when I vote gives me some peace of mind that no one else is voting in my name.

The short answer to the above question is that it’s no different at all. In fact, to the extent that it is different, you could say it’s even more important to produce a photo ID for voting. What civic duty supersedes that of voting? It’s a responsibility we must take seriously.

That helps explain why 31 states have some form of voter-ID laws in effect. Some are stricter than others, but all send an important message: Voting is too important not to take fraud seriously. We need to make sure that when someone shows up to vote, he is who he says he is, and not someone else.

What shouldn’t even be an issue for people who aren’t planning to commit fraud has turned into a major political and judicial battle, and black liberals remain silent about the implication.

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  1. The radical left learned long ago (before WWI) that to *keep the negro agitated* was and is a sure way to manipulate the collective mindset of blacks in America. This leads to a collective madness, a frantic frenzy of hysteria ready to use as cannon fodder in their attempts and threats of violence against the nation of what they call “Amerikkka”…black people always die in this way because the radical left sees them as expendable. It is very sad that these anti-American forces have been so successful time after time. These forces are trying to bring about killing fields across the nation via chaos and paranoia about police and *whites*…it comes up in every Ferguson situation over and over. It may be too late for responsible
    black leaders to stop the looming blood bath.