Court Hearing for California Churches Forced to Offer Elective Abortion Coverage

California requires employers to pay for elective abortions in health insurance plans. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) represents three churches that filed suit against the state last October.

California redefined “basic health care” to include killing one’s own unborn children. The state’s mandate is a clear violation of freedom of religion and of conscience. The law is much worse than the Obamacare mandate to offer drugs that might induce abortions.

The churches are in court today for a hearing.

“The government shouldn’t be forcing churches to pay for the killing of innocent human life,” ADF attorney Jeremiah Galus said in a statement. “These churches have no way to avoid paying for abortions because Obamacare requires health insurance coverage, and the California mandate requires abortion coverage in any health plan. What’s bizarre, though, is that the same government that quite rightfully does not require California churches to pay for contraceptive coverage nonetheless requires them to pay for elective abortion coverage. We trust the court will allow the churches to proceed with challenging this obviously inconsistent and unconstitutional mandate.”

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, one of the churches suing the state, said he’d go to jail if necessary before his church includes abortions in employee health insurance plans.

“I cannot violate my biblical worldview. Once I have to do that, I no longer live in the United States our founding fathers gave me. This abortion issue for a Christian is not a political issue – it’s a biblical issue. God is the engineer of life – he’s the giver of life. I cannot think of a human being more defenseless than an unborn baby.”

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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One comment

  1. Sandsgrandmother

    If the government is going to make a law that my monies have to go towards abortions/murder, then the government needs to make the following changes:
    When an individual has an abortion, the following is to occur immediately and simultaneously at the time of the abortion; otherwise the abortion is not done. This also guarantees that the taxpayer’s monies will not be used again on this same individual/s for another abortion in the future.
    1. The father of the unborn must be identified.
    2. Once the father is identified the following takes place.
    3. The father of the unborn must accompany the mother of the unborn/fetus to the clinic
    4. Sterilization is to take place immediately of both the father and mother of the unborn child simultaneously with the abortion.