Star Parker Inspires College Students

CURE’s Star Parker attended an event hosted by the Network for Enlightened Women last month, where she talked about her welfare-dependency years and how she escaped.

A college senior who attended the event wrote:

Star began by discussing her latest book, Blind Conceit, and how the book is important to the Presidential campaign as our country comes down to addressing what kind of government we want: a Biblical and free one or one that is Secular and Statist.

Star then addressed one of her main concerns with the government– the welfare system. After having personally lived on federal welfare for seven years, Star has seen firsthand how ineffective and cruel it is to the poor. As she said later on in the brunch, “Government does not belong in charity. People belong in charity.”

Along with her concern for the poor trapped in the government’s systems, Star answered questions about racial issues, the break down of diversity, and what place God and the church have in the government. She also addressed the issue of the continuing divide in the conservative movement, saying that we need to have a discussion to unite conservatives in order to provide an opposition to the left.

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