Deneen Borelli: What Quentin Tarantino Can Do Besides Apologize to Cops

Hollywood movie director Quentin Tarantino showed up at an anti-cop protest in New York City and ranted about “police terror” and implied they go around murdering people. Actor Jamie Foxx, who appeared in one of Tarantino’s movies, defended him. Police organizations nationwide have called for a boycott against the director’s soon-to-be-released movie.

Sources reported that Tarantino might apologize and clarify his remarks. Money talks.

FreedomWorks Outreach Director Deneen Borelli appeared on Fox News with Democratic pollster and strategist Jessica Tarlov to discuss the issue.

Tarantino can say and do whatever he wants, Borelli said. American is the land of freedom. “But with that [freedom] comes accountability. You have Tarantino and…the Hollywood elites. They have been insulting Americans’ values for many, many years. They’ve been profiting from it. So thank goodness law enforcement is coming out against Tarantino, coming out against Hollywood. I say Hollywood is now on notice, because people are watching.”

Does Tarlov agree? “The real issue here is no one is talking in reasonable terms,” she said. “There are some bad cops out there. All of law enforcement isn’t. It’s interesting to me, because [anti-cop rhetoric] doesn’t reflect people sentiment. When you look at Gallup polling on the issue, law enforcement is the number three most respected institution in the country, behind the military and small business.” She said the president, the Supreme Court, and Congress are “way down below.” 

Borelli said she’s skeptical whether Tarantino’s apology will be sincere. But if he’s actually sorry, he should do more than speak. Watch the clip to hear Borelli’s suggestion.

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  1. Tarantino doesn’t owe an apology for speaking truth to power.