Why are European and American Governments Ignoring Their Citizens?

SyrianRefugeesRight now in Europe there is a real crisis. Actually, it’s an invasion, and the people are starting to feel the war come to their very door steps.

Syrian refugees are flooding small towns all across Europe, causing problems those towns are not used to having nor even equipped to handle.

Riots are breaking out, even though the people of many of these small towns have rolled out the red carpet for the refugee fleeing the fighting in Syria.

But as we know, more than just women, children, and old men are flooding into Europe. And what is happening is nothing more than animalistic. [From the Washington Post]:

This German town renowned for its rococo palace, threw open its doors to arriving s of refugees. Donations from clothing drives filled four garages. The volunteer fire department pitched in to build a tent city at the local airport that now teems with 1,400 migrants.

But like other Germans in a country that has rolled out the welcome mat for Europe’s largest wave of asylum-seekers since World War II, residents here are now having second thoughts.

That is especially true after the riot. In this quaint municipality of 3,000 inhabitants, the chaos started at lunchtime Sunday when a 19-year-old Albanian cut in the food line at the town’s new tent city, prompting a reprimand from a 43-year-old Pakistani. Pushes degenerated into punches. Soon, 300 migrants wielding pepper spray and metal pipes were attacking each other in rival mobs. 

Despite the fact that the proverbial red carpet was rolled out to these refugees from all over the Middle East and near Middle East, what the residents got in return was chaos.

This is not isolated to this one little German community. Indeed, this sort of scene is repeated all over Europe, wherever these refugees turn up in large numbers.

Sweden, France, Hungary, and other European nations are seeing their citizens telling their governments enough is enough and that something needs to be done with all of these people who do not wish to conform to local and national traditions and standards.

These are the same folks our President wants to allow into the United States. It is easy to see that we, here in the USA, would be overrun by these folks if they are allowed in by large numbers.

One has to ask the question of why world leaders would continue to allow their own natural-born citizens be overrun and even driven out of their communities? What would our nation gain by allowing so many into the United States?

These are questions that are being asked but ignored by our administration. And if President Obama has his way, some small towns in America would suffer the same fate as that German hamlet. However, Americans will be less tolerant, and there would be blood spilled.

That is not the American way of doing things, and it’s not what the American people want. So one last question: Why is the president so set on ignoring the wishes of the American people?

Photo credit: “Slovenska vojska tudi med vikendom v velikem številu pri podpori Policiji 01” by Robert Cotič – Slovenskavojska.si. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

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  1. Why indeed?! This deliberate invasion must be stopped, here and in all western countries. It is a plan to takeover, nor become good civilized citizens.

  2. Why are we not allowed to as our dear leader about ectremist muslim jihadists. If we aren’t allowed to talk about it, it will overcome us before we can prepare.

  3. It’s obvious really. Didn’t Hillary take a few million in bribery from the Saudi king in jewels? Why would Saudi give her so much? FOR INFLUENCE. It shows that they all are taking bribes. It’s the only explanation for wanting to destroy your own country. Every politician has a price and the rich Islamists can afford to pay.

  4. It’s simple really. Bush Sr. first told us about the New World Order. To achieve this, all national identity must be removed from the people. It’s why we have become convinced that it’s about black against white, rich against poor, Dems against Reps…..divide the people by whatever means necessary, blame it all on us, then move in to the quell the unrest the politicians have been hoping for. It’s the only way to set up one world dominance and to bring in the One World Leader we all know too well as the Anti-Christ!