Do Blacks Belong in America? Watch Cure America Episode 19.

This week’s episode of Cure America with Star Parker is different. This time, I take a seat at the debate table as a guest rather than the host. Instead, Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen hosts and asks CURE’s board members a very hard question as we explore the State of Black America: Do blacks belong in America?

This question will shock many people, as it should, but it’s a question we must ask.

Watch and share this important episode: The State of Black America.

Guests include CURE board members Pastor Marc Little, William Allen, Ph.D., and me.

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  1. I am a white American and as far as I am concerned blacks earned the right to be in America because they have paid the price in blood to free America in blood before they were even free. Does the name Crispus Attucks ring a bell?