From a Black Conservative: Dr. Ben Carson, It's Time to Leave the Race

BenCarsonThinkBigIt’s been hard to sit back and watch the first bi-racial president systematically dismantle our Constitution over the last seven years. It’s only natural for a black conservative like myself to want to see the first black Republican president reverse the course. This is why it pains me to say what I’m about to say: it’s time for Dr. Carson to get out of the race if we stand any chance of nominating a constitutionalist to stop the Democrat’s reign in November.

Dr. Ben Carson is a successful, honorable, intelligent, and godly man. Having said all of that, he will not be president. As much as I would’ve loved to see him ease the burdens imposed on Americans by President Obama, such as Obamacare, he won’t get that chance for the reasons I outline below.

Dr. Carson’s campaign infrastructure is in shambles. His spending (aka burn rate) is astronomical, and his staff appears to be resigning or abandoning him like he’s contracted the Zika virus. He’s made too many amateurish mistakes, including beginning a two-week book tour as his campaign was surging in the fall, scolding his staff in public, showing an inability to adapt to the debate format, and condemning Ted Cruz’s campaign for the Iowa debacle, when frankly, it was his campaign that made the crucial error of tweeting out plans that he was leaving Iowa to return to his home in Florida, then attending the prayer breakfast in D.C. later that week. Does that sound like a candidate taking the New Hampshire primary seriously?

Whether you agree or disagree with the aggressive actions taken by the Cruz campaign by retweeting the CNN report, Cruz’s campaign did us all a huge (say it like Trump) favor. Hillary or Bernie could only dream of inheriting such a dysfunctional campaign to battle for the general election in November.

If Dr. Carson was so “disappointed” that Ted Cruz exploited the disorganization in his campaign, how much more will the Democrats expose him were he to become the GOP nominee? His political rise and fall is no one’s fault but his own. It had nothing to do with “dirty tricks,” but rather sheer incompetence on behalf of his own campaign! It’s time for Dr. Carson to put his country first, get out of the race, and endorse the only other viable GOP candidate who shares his constitutional values.

Dr. Carson was never my first choice among the GOP field of candidates. However, after his surge, he quickly became my second choice, despite his lackluster debate performances. As you may recall, his surge only began when he joked about being the “only one to separate Siamese twins.” He also joked that he was the “only one to take out half a brain — though if you go to Washington, you’d think someone beat me to it.” The audience and the media went nuts! The only problem is, when the media makes you, they can break you. So, I was skeptical. Nevertheless, judging by his social media prowess and his rise in the polls, I assumed Dr. Carson’s campaign infrastructure was solid. I was wrong. His success came too quickly, and he didn’t manage it well.

Considering all of that, I salivated at the idea that if a black conservative were to win the White House, particularly, one as smart and knowledgeable about American history as Dr. Carson, the
Democrat party as we know it would be finished. I knew the left would eventually throw the kitchen sink at him. What I didn’t know is that Dr. Carson would throw it at himself first.

I used to fear that whites in America would be hesitant to give another black man a chance to run the country for fear they’d turn into another race-baiter who just happened to be Republican. Forgive me. I was wrong. You gave Herman Cain a shot, and you were just as eager to propel Dr. Ben Carson into the national spotlight, but it’s time to let him go, at least for this cycle.

Ironically, I’m convinced that Dr. Carson would’ve made a great president. However, the fact that he won’t be president is no one’s fault but his own. If there were ever a time for Dr. Carson to return to his home in Florida, it’s now. Who knows, maybe Ted Cruz will call him to be a part of his cabinet. Lord knows we could use his brain and conviction in Washington.

Carl JacksonCarl Jackson is a radio talk show host – his web site is

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  1. Great post. And like you, I do think Dr. Carson would have made a great President. He may have even been one of the better ones.

  2. So please give us facts on y u feel it’s his own actions that caused his problems?

  3. just 2 causcuses and you are giving up? thats the real sad part. carson has proven he is above the morally corrupt nature that is our current 2 party political system. Only his candidacy can heal our land of the rifts perpetuated by the current occupant in the white house. As much as I love Ted cruz;’s constitutional principles , his moral principles seem to lend themselves more to the democrats. Until then i suggest you volunteer to help Carson’s campaign!

  4. Five Million FB fans want Dr. Ben Carson to stay in the Presidential race. It has only just begun.

  5. Thank you for the honest assessment of the reality of the Carson campaign, it is truly refreshing. I too was very hopeful that Carson would do well, but as you have stated, he picked people on his campaign that did not serve him well and he made decisions that did not help himself. I truly hope that this is not the last we see on Dr. Carson in the political arena.

  6. There has only been two primaries thus far and where anyone can vote for the republican candidate. With all the proportional primaries coming up, Ben will go into the brokered convention as a broker with a boat load of delegates.

    • what makes you think there will be a brokered convention.. although the GOP is pulling out all the lies and making up all the rules as they go along just to take out one man.. THE DON.. GOP is no better than the racist democrats. they have proven it.they have both house.obama is still ruining our country..GOP appeases muslims just like obama.. muslims do not belong in our country and those that appease muslims must be terminated along with all muslims

  7. Why do you think a Constitutional Law Professor would not know all of the details of constitutional law, would violate them? In law school you study the “legislative history and intent” behind every word or phrase. The bar exam is one of the steepest walls to get over! Why do you judge so severely by the democratic-republican line? Are we not all fighting life together?

  8. I’m sorry to hear you say that. Dr Carson is this country’s only hope of returning some sanity to Washington and you should be outwardly supporting him not asking him to exit the race. He may have made some campaign mistakes but he is not a politian so that is understandable and completely ok with me. His campaign is not finished yet and neither are we, his supporters! As for Ted Cruz, he is not a conservative and I he is not my second choice or my fifth and I’m from Texas! He supports amnesty and any attempt to deny it is a lie. Amnesty would further depress our job market at a time when millions of Americans are desperate for work. He is also a puppet of big business and Wall Street and most conservatives are sick of these puppets creating policy that benefits their supporters and hurts the American people. Take his tax plan for instance. Ted’s tax plan is not a true flat tax plan and leaves open many areas where he can sell or give away loop holes to his backers. Not conservative at all. The man has also accomplished nothing in his life that would lead me to believe that he is capable of running a country. Dr Carson is a proven leader with more accomplishment and adversities overcome then all the other candidates combined and our country needs him!

  9. why.. Bush and Kasich should go,they’re not doing any better and so full of BS it’s ungodly

  10. Well said! Truth be told Dr. Carson”s numbers have been going down for sometime. And even now in south Carolina he is polling low and other polls show the similar polling results. From the start I have and will support Ted Cruz. Praying for victory!

  11. Very strong and good points. Thank you for a very forthright and honest commentary.

  12. I do not agree. In any event, I would rather support an HONEST man who is not elected, than a DISHONEST one who is!!! Until We the People STOP electing people who play the political game instead of genuine people, we will continue down this road of destruction the current politicians have gotten us on. Carl Jackson may decide to blame Dr. Carson for the deceptions used by the Cruz campaign, and I’m not talking about just the rumor about Dr. Carson dropping out, and may chose to call it politics as usual, but We the People don’t have to buy it!!! I will continue to contribute to Dr. Carson’s campaign, volunteer my time, and support him 100% NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  13. I don’t agree with you. Dr. Carson is the only one candidate who looks and acts presidential, and is the best equipped for the position of the POTUS 2016. He will run the race with endurance and all the forces of hell–including you–will not deter him from running. Dr. Ben Carson will be the next POTUS so get used to it and shut up.

  14. You are an uninformed idiot…his campaign is NOT “in shambles”…you are simply repeating media lies. He is keeping on because WE, THE PEOPLE keep supporting him by giving him more money in $5, $25, $50 increments than other candidates have raised with all their PAC and soecual interest money. You should be ENCOURAGING your back community to support this brilliant ,wise, Nobel,and inspirational man. SHAME on you!!!!!!!