WATCH: Star Parker on Why Some Blacks Support Socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s high-profile breakfast with Al Sharpton, infamous for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax, was an obvious attempt to “woo” black voters.

The senator is in “desperate need” of black support, according to the New York Post. Does that mean black voters think Sharpton is an influential leader? In any case, Sanders’s supporters cheered him on:

Sanders and Sharpton emerged with supporters chanting “Bernie, Bernie … Bern baby Bern!”

Local supporters of Sanders descended into the neighborhood around Malcolm X Boulevard and West 126th Street to cheer on the insurgent candidate.

“I live in Harlem and I’m excited,” said Angela Bronner-Helm, 42. “I feel more aligned with what he’s (Sanders) standing for … I think the Clintons have taken the African-American vote for granted.”

“I believe in what he has to say. I feel he’s actually for me,” said Catherine Robinson, 16, who was late to class so she could voice her support for Sanders.

“He cares about African-Americans and any other race because he sees people as people while Hillary is actively trying to get minority votes … I feel it’s not genuine. She just wants the job.”

The Democratic candidates heading into South Carolina realize how important the “black vote” is in that state. CURE’s Star Parker appeared on Fox News to comment on the meeting between Sen. Sanders and Sharpton.

“Well, it’s interesting because, while Bernie hates Wall Street, he embraces people that are manipulators of Wall Street or anybody else that has deep pockets,” she said. “What I make of the meeting is that Hillary and Bernie are going to try to out-socialize each other. And if Hillary really wants to beat him, she’s going to have to become a socialist, because blacks, like many in our hard-hit communities, have bought this idea that we should steal from the rich and give to the poor.”

Too many blacks in these communities blame their problems on so-called racism and not socialism — the real problem.

Star said Clinton will meet with Sharpton next week.

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