Dr. Ben Carson Just Explained What Will Be America's ‘Salvation' On This Election Day

He continues to sound like a man seriously considering a run for the White House. Dr. Ben Carson, seen and heard more and more in conservative media circles, says he is optimistic about the midterm election results as well as America’s future — optimistic because people are now “thinking like Americans, not thinking like Democrats, not thinking like Republicans, but thinking like Americans.”

So says the popular author and political commentator in an interview on Newsmax TV.

People realize, Carson said, that “America was designed in such a way that the government would conform to the will of the people, not the other way around.”

You can see Dr. Carson’s interview on “America’s Forum” by clicking on the video above.

Photo Credit: foxnews.com

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. “Created a dependent class over the last fifty years.”

    Sadly so and, it is not going to change over one or two elections!