Dr. Ben Carson v. Jesse Jackson on Ferguson

Dr. Ben Carson and Jesse Jackson appeared on Fox News yesterday to discuss Ferguson. Dr. Carson said if you took race out of this, you’d still have a Ferguson if you raise young men with no respect for authority.

Dr. Carson said the thing that changed him from being an angry young man was his mother made him read books. He read about people who accomplished things. He came to understand that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you is you. It’s not the environment or someone else. It’s you. Do those things play a role? Yes. Maybe. But if you want to focus on them, you can have a life completely controlled by others.

Long before I heard of Dr. Ben Carson, I held this same view. I’d tell people that they had a lot of control over how their lives turned out, and it was a waste of time and energy to blame others for your failures and disappointments.

I believe Dr. Carson is wrong about thinking he and Jesse Jackson want the same things for black Americans, in particularly, not being dependent on the government. For the sake of his livelihood, Jackson wants (needs?) black Americans to keep demanding bigger government and hunting for “racism” under rocks. Perhaps Dr. Carson was using reverse psychology on Jackson to get him to see things from a non-liberal perspective.

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  1. Jesse Jackson needs racism like a performer needs a voice and/or an instrument. Without their “tool,” neither has anything to say.

  2. Patricia M. Winfield

    Dr, Carson was absolutely right as usual , clear and to the point . Mr. Jackson, as usual spouting the same “blame the oppressors” rhetoric he always does. If we as a people want change , then WE MUST change. Everyone …whites , as well as African-Americans , must look at what’s in our hearts and change those things that are destructive and evil.

  3. “I believe Dr. Carson is wrong about thinking he and Jesse Jackson want the same things….”

    Exactly true. I also agree that Dr. Carson ‘may be’ attempting to appeal to Jackson in some way to get him to acknowledge his errors? “For the sake of his livelihood,….” – how true, Armani suits are not cheap!