Drugs, Human Traffickers, Criminals, and MS-13 Gang Members Are Just the Beginning of Border Problem

Liberals are resisting President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration over border wall funding. He made his case, but as of this writing, 16 states have filed lawsuits to stop the declaration — despite the clear and serious problem on the porous southern border.

These states seek to stop the Trump administration from diverting unspent government money for the wall.

Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli has more on the president’s speech in the Rose Garden, including his comments to a liberal reporter about “angel” families of loved ones killed by illegal aliens.

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  1. Not to wish them harm, but I do wish that these Congressional bleeding heart liberals experience the crime brought to America by the failed immigration system we have.
    The United Nations should get involved in Central and South America, taking care of all the “asylum” seekers by processing their request and relocating them the countries willing to accept them.
    This was done for the Vietnamese boat people fleeing for their lives – they were relocated to various countries selected by the UN not by the seekers themselves.

  2. Could the “Googly – Global” Agenda be to remove America’s borders, flood us with illegal migrants, crush the Constitution, and institute Socialism / Communism ? As President Trump says, so say I : Never Socialism for America. We are born free and will remain free.