Star Parker: Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Won’t Help the Poor, But This Will

The hosts of Fox and Friends asked me today about Elizabeth Warren’s plans to institute a national $15 minimum wage. They also asked me about her claim that families in the 60s could live on a minimum wage of less than two dollars per hour.

I called out her lies and explained an alternative to minimum wage that would help the poor much greater than any of Elizabeth Warren’s lies.

Watch my interview and be sure to share it with everyone you know so they learn the truth about minimum wage and why liberals have to lie about it.

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  1. The minimum wage debate is too often divided among political camps. How one determines what a specific employer will play employees is subjective at best, but having a certain pay scale (based on current cost of living) could be the best way to address the issue and thereby satisfy the demands of both the employer and employee. In 1960, it was not uncommon for African Americans (with a family) to make $1.80 per hour. This was commonly one of three jobs held down each day…and we made it through.

  2. Minimum wage means exactly that – this is the pay one will get a ENTRY level, If you want more money learn to do more, show your boss or your new employer that you can make more money for them and in turn you want more money in your pay check.
    People always have the opportunity to learn more, if they want to, do more on the job, look for more responsibility. Check out free school programs and grants.
    It has been proven in cities that imposed the $15 per hour minimum wage that companies cut employee hours and added automation to eliminate jobs. People in those cities have learned that they lost benefits when their hours were cut because they were no longer full time.
    If you want to see economic progress come to a screeching halt elect more socialist/communist democrats to represent you, preferably a half honest one not like Warren who has made a life out of a lie.