Star Parker: Elijah Cummings is Wrong about Gun Control

My team and I just attended a speech by Elijah Cummings, the Member of Congress who represents parts of Baltimore.

I hoped to ask him lots of questions, as you can imagine, but didn’t have the chance.

After his speech I made a quick video so you can hear my reaction

In my video, you will also hear what I think about increased background checks for guns.

If you like what I say, be sure to share my video with everyone you know so we can get the word out.

Photo credit: By JoshuashearnOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

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One comment

  1. Anybody besides me ever notice that whenever anything concerning guns, gun rights, or rules regulating guns, the ENTIRE 100 million plus ‘legal’ gun owners receive ONLY continued attacks and INFRINGEMENTS on a designated RIGHT in our Constitution? Just curious how our beneficent government desires to heap largess on every Tom, Dick, and Harry but refuses to benefit law-abiding gun owners, and rather requires a constant fight and monetary drain on gun owners to forestall their own government! The movie that has played for me over the decades in having to DEFEND against my own government to maintain a Constitutional, as well as a God Given, Right has been and is UN-AMERICAN!