Hard-Working, Determined Father of Four Earns Undergrad and Graduate Degrees in Five Years

MatthewFranklinHere’s an inspiring good-news story to ease you into the weekend.

Oakland University (in Rochester, Michigan) graduate Matthew Franklin is a married father of four who earned undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Embedded Systems Engineering in five years.

And he’s only 25.

From the school’s web site:

“‘I always struggled, but kept working hard at it —I knew either I was going to become poor and stay poor, or graduate,’ Franklin said. ‘The statistics of it are really small —there aren’t that many people that graduate with kids, let-alone graduate with four kids, so I was excited I could be (one of) the first.’

“As he and his wife worked to raise the four children and make ends meet, one thing became clear to him —giving up was not an option. Instead of falling behind, his family became his motivation, transferring to Oakland University to continue his studies, earning Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

“Throughout his college career, Franklin not only went to school and took care of his kids —he also found time to get involved in student organizations, including NSBE, club football and the team at his first university, FIRST robotics and business leaders, to name a few —all while working full-time to make ends meet.

“Currently employed at General Motors as a systems developer, Franklin said he’s not done yet. His next step is his Masters in Business Administration, which he hopes to earn from Harvard, Stanford or University of Michigan.”

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  1. Good on ya, Matthew! Very inspiring story – you and your family can be proud of this accomplishment!

  2. 50 years ago my dad did this. He came from complete and total dysfunction. Inspire of that, as a married man with 2 small children, he worked full time and went to college. He graduated second in his class in civil engineering from the university of Madison WI. However, He would not consider that the most important event in his life. That occurred when he was in his early 30’s, when he finally completely surrendered his life to Christ. It totally changed EVERYTHING about his life.

  3. This is a great article …we need more like this to go full speed ahead with the posting of successes of so many upstanding American Citizens who are pursuing success rather than conflict.

  4. Dr. Ken Haynie

    Great News! You have every right to take a minute and celebrate your accomplishments. I especially like that you’ve decided to continue your education. I suspect that and MBA will not be your ultimate pursuit. Lead those children in the same path.