MLK's Niece Pens Devastating Open Letter To Baltimore Mayor

AlvedaKingBaltimoreMayorIn response to widespread rioting and violence that brought the city to a standstill in recent days, activist Alveda King took Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to task for seemingly endorsing the mob’s destructive behavior.

“Your invitation to ‘give space for those who want to destroy’ is unbelievable,” King wrote. “This interpretation of rights to free speech is dangerous Ma’am.

King, the niece of civil rights icon Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., went on to assert that “people are not entitled to pillage and destroy.”

She shared her insight into cultural changes over the past half century she feels have fostered the current environment of civil unrest.

“How did we get here?” she wrote. “Where do we go now?”

King took a look at several statistics, citing the compiled result as an indication that the status quo is not working.

Think about this: Baltimore 1965 vs. Baltimore 2015, compare and contrast:

1. Money spent on public schools then vs. now.

2. Amount spent on social welfare payments then vs. now.

3. The size of Government Bureaucracy then vs. now.

4. The number of black elected officials then vs. now.

5. Number of black children born in Baltimore to an intact nuclear family.

6. Number of Black lives MIA by abortion and incarceration.

Her conclusion amounts to a devastating indictment of the prevailing leftist mindset.

“If you look at all six questions/comparisons,” she wrote, “what you will see is the only statistics to have decreased (1965 to 2015) is the number of black children born in intact nuclear families.”

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. Sovereign Mary

    This is the devastating results of former President Lyndon Johnson’s not so “Great Society” … which has brought about greater and growing greater dependence on government and tossed away the higher ideals of individual moral responsibility and personal initiative.

    • Result of angry blacks that want to kill, steel and destroy…they had no future in life anyway…blacks give up on themselves…

  2. Rush Limbaugh is spot on too about the mayor & the AG. They have NEVER worked in the private sector. They were educated at the MOST liberal university & went straight into politics. They are nothing but products of liberal education. Those protesting are actually protesting the democrat/liberal policies; they just don’t know it yet.

  3. I think its disgusting! Mayor is a disgrace to the female gender…not to mention her race! I would be ashamed

  4. Dorothy Anderson

    She is right but a lot of people are not listening to her. Marriage and the creation of ‘family’ was invented a long long time ago and nothing has changed it because it brings strength and value to a society, Are some trying to destroy its value?

  5. I know what will stop all the looting and burning of businesses. The police and mayor put out the word, anyone seen coming out of a looted store with something in their arms that was not paid for WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT. Once you carry through this threat and shoot half a dozen or more. LOOTING WILL STOP.

    • Amen! If they spend the time looking for a job instead of collecting welfare from hard working Americans, they would not have time to riot and tear down their own city. What did that accomplish except to put the hard working who built that business (Yes, Obama they built it!!!) out of business.