Five Do’s and Don’t’s for Men in the #MeToo Era

It won’t be long before pro-choice women won’t have to worry about destroying innocent men like Justice Brett Kavanaugh in hopes of preserving so-called abortion rights, because men will be too scared to ever touch them. In the era of #MeToo, it’s become clear that being a gentleman, flirting at work and projecting male masculinity are no longer welcomed.

Over the past year we’ve witnessed the evolution of the #MeToo movement from one that has rightfully exposed sexual predators in powerful positions to a movement that has been weaponized against masculinity in general, but mainly pro-baby conservative men. I attended a Rotary club meeting in Orlando last week where I debated a former Democratic state representative. Afterward, I was taken aback by one of the attendees who told me he’s more fearful for his college-aged son being accused of something he didn’t do than he is about something bad happening to his teenage daughter, after witnessing how Kavanaugh was being destroyed based on 36-year-old uncorroborated allegations.

He’s not alone. After conversing with buddies of mine who are single but want to get married, they expressed it’s become increasingly difficult to find good women who are ready to settle down. The very women who claim to hate “toxic masculinity” are promoting it by participating in today’s hook-up culture – while men who want life-partners are being penalized as if they’re the perverts. As a result, they’re not sure how to court women without offending them.

One of my friends who works in a liberal industry where it’s not uncommon for coworkers to date, confessed that he and his male coworkers believe they’ll have to wait for the women they know to have an “aha moment” about their biological clocks before they’re willing to marry. Meanwhile, his coworkers are happy to enjoy the fruits of promiscuity left-wing feminism has produced. In other words, radical feminists are complicit in creating the jerks they claim to hate by giving them permission to be jerks. He, on the other hand, is a gentleman who still believes in chivalry. Sadly, he feels chivalry is under attack, and he’s right.

We came up with a list of things good men can no longer do with women on dates, in public, in the workplace. Here are a few:

  1. Opening doors for women today could be perceived as a sign that a man expects something sexual in return for his chivalry. At the very least, radical feminists might believe you’re trying to project dominance over them.
  2. Flirting with or complimenting the appearance of a woman you find attractive, particularly in the workplace, could be viewed as sexual harassment. Imagine how many marriages will not happen if flirting in the workplace is banned one day. Business Insider reported that 16 percent of marriages in America occur due to office romances.
  3. After witnessing the uncorroborated smear campaign against Justice Kavanaugh, it’s important that a man never be alone in a room with a woman besides his wife – thank you, Billy Graham and Vice President Mike Pence. Credible witnesses could be the difference between a life ruined or a stellar reputation upheld.
  4. If you oppose abortion as a guy, you’re the bad guy – not the guy or girl who doesn’t want to step up to the plate to take care of their child. So, be aware of who’s around before you blurt out you’re pro-life. You never know what woman will view you as a threat.
  5. Lastly, don’t do anything to or for a woman that amplifies male strength over a woman. Holding hands might suggest you’re in charge. Offering to help with a car repair might suggest you know something about mechanics that she doesn’t. Taking out her trash might cause an argument in gender roles. Paying for dinner might convey that if you marry, you’d want her home barefoot and pregnant.

As ridiculous as these rules may sound, it’s exactly the direction our society is headed as long as radical feminists claim to speak for all women. The #MeToo movement was and is useful in exposing sexual predators. However, they’re wrong to lump all good men in with sexual deviants because they disagree with them politically. Equality for women should never mean inequality for men; otherwise it’s discrimination and we’re going backwards. Progressives don’t want that, do they?

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  1. “The very women who claim to hate ‘toxic masculinity’ are promoting it by participating in today’s hook-up culture…radical feminists are complicit in creating the jerks they claim to hate by giving them permission to be jerks.” Exactly! Men won’t behave like gentlemen unless women insist on being treated like ladies. Let’s hope more women finally wake up and realize this!

  2. Excellent article Mr. Jackson. You have said it better than anybody else to date. God bless you…Steve (fedupinblueoregon)