From the Archives: Star Parker on Reducing Crime

“We have a moral crisis in our country today,” Star Parker said on EWTN News Nightly. “When you think about the slaughter of so many innocents inside of the womb, Brian, is it any wonder…that this wanton disregard for life and property has reached our youth?”

Taking guns from law-abiding citizens isn’t the solution to reducing crime. So what would help? Family stability would be a start.

“It is underappreciated that in the 60s, 78 percent of black households had husbands married to the mother of their children,” Star said. “Today, it’s exactly the opposite.”

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One comment

  1. Amen, dawlin’! Problem being, as a pragmatist, or, as my wife would opine, pessimist, I don’t see any ‘new’ Billy Graham out there to right this good ship America – she’s taking on water, lumbering, out of control, right for that iceberg!

    Our families, of all races, are a shambles. The “rule of law,” as portrayed by our own vaunted FBI, has been rendered to be NOT applicable to certain factions! Our ability to ‘prioritize issues’ seems dysfunction; example being: the black community’s over reaching concern with their interaction with the police. They are reacting to a “perception,” generated by the race hustlers/baiters and media that is patently false.

    When COMMON SENSE tells you that it would take over six (6) years for the police to kill as many blacks as are killed by blacks in ONE (1) year, in CHICAGO ALONE, and you are spending your time PROTESTING that smaller issue, THAT may actually be the NEW definition of INSANITY….but, CERTAINLY a grossly upside down PRIORITY LIST!