Gov. Greg Abbott Proves How Serious He Is About Punishing Sanctuary Cities

Governor Greg Abbott, who supports enforcement of his sovereign country’s immigration laws, has barred taxpayers’ money from going to the sheriff’s office in Travis County, Texas.

Sheriff Sally Hernandez implemented a policy to impede enforcement of immigration laws.

The sheriff’s office won’t be receiving $1.5 million for criminal justice grants. From the Houston Chronicle:

Hernandez 10 days ago announced a new policy that her department would no longer honor most warrantless requests from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to detain jailed suspects who were in the United States illegally…Hernandez said her policy would not include those charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault and human smuggling.

Gov. Abbott encouraged elected officials in his state to enforce the law.

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  1. Great job Gov Abbot.