What a Pro-Life NFL Player Said About Trump’s Abortion Transformation

Ben Watson of the Baltimore Ravens is publicly pro-life, and he spoke at the annual March for Life on Friday.

Watson recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the march and his message to the pro-lifers. He called the March for Life a “great day” and found it encouraging that so many people came out for life. The country is divided on the issue but “it’s important for us to reach out in loving kindness for people that may not agree with us on the topic, but it’s also important to stick to justice and truth,” he said.

The truth is that unborn lives are important. The mothers are important.

“And lastly,” Watson said, “my challenge was to men. As men, we’ve sometimes encouraged women to get abortions. We’ve been the reason why many of them have done this.”

Men must take a stand for these women and for the pre-born.

Watch the brief clip to hear what he had to say about President Donald Trump’s previous pro-choice view.

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  1. Thank you Mr Watson. Please let the black communities know that the “right” to abortion was sponsored by Margaret Sanger in order to kill black children and control the black population.

  2. With men like Ben Watson, Black community will always be in good shape.