Government’s Role in Our Lives Should be Limited — Star Parker at NRB

One huge difference between Democrats and Republicans is their view of the government. Do we want a government with a limited role in our lives, or do we want a cradle-to-grave nanny state?

Reporting from the recent NRB Convention, Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News that “Democrats have a one-size-fits-all philosophy that people can’t really self-govern and live free. So, therefore, they need big government to make decisions for them, whether it’s decisions about housing or health care, whether it’s decisions about their economic stability, all things that involve themselves, their family life…”

Do you want to live like that?

Who is driving the side of the cultural war that believes government’s role in our lives should be limited? Part of that discussion happened at the NRB Convention.

Star said that NRB does “a national conference, this year in Nashville, Tennessee, to bring more than 4,000 Christian communicators from all over the world together, whether that communicator is in podcasting…written, in television, in radio, in print, from all over the world, even the underground that are trying to get Bibles into countries that don’t have them yet, with over 7,000 different languages out there.”

What drives the NRB to do this work? The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, “something I know very, very well,” Star added.

Watch the full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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