Gun Grabbers Won’t Like What These Black Women Are Doing

Given the government’s history of taking guns from black Americans, one would think they’d be on the front lines against gun control.

With the so-called Ferguson effect (described by Manhattan fellow Heather Mac Donald, who frequently writes about inconvenient statistics on crime perpetrators and their victims) impacting how police officers do their jobs, black Americans, particularly in high-crime areas, should be highly receptive to arming themselves.

(See Black Guns Matter)

According to Fox News, gun training is increasing in one segment of the population (emphasis added):

Firearms instructors are reporting an increase in the number of black women learning how to use guns in self-defense courses around the country — and the reasons are varied.

“Minority women are definitely increasing in numbers,” Rick Ector, a firearms instructor, said of attendees at his weekly course just outside of Detroit.

“Women overall — in particular, minority women — are looking toward guns to protect themselves against crime,” Ector told Fox News. “Women are definitely drivers in the market right now.”

The article quoted Stacy Washington, who ended her contract with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch after the newspaper purportedly suspended her column for a conflict of interest when she defended the NRA in one of her articles.

“I believe the reason we’re seeing more women of color joining this movement to use firearms is because they’re realizing this is not a political issue,” she told Fox News. “It really never has been. It’s about personal safety and protection.”

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  1. It is about personal safety and protection. We ALL need to be concerned about that. Even Hillary had and welcomed armed agents during her campaign.