Would Sheriff David Clarke Consider the FBI Director Job? This is What He Said

Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo asked Sheriff David Clarke what he thought of President Donald Trump firing FBI director James Comey.

He said it doesn’t matter what he thinks. He supports the president’s decisions. He said the president is “sort of roller skating backward up a mountain trying to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.”

President Trump understands he’ll be criticized no matter what he does, and he understands leadership.

The FBI has suffered some credibility issues recently, “and that’s not good.” Sheriff Clarke said the president and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have done a great job assembling a team to help make America great again.

Bartiromo said President Trump had expressed some doubt about Comey. Why didn’t he fire him earlier?

“Well, the last thing I’m going to do is try to get into the head of President Donald Trump,” Sheriff Clarke said. But no matter when he’d done it, politics would have entered into it.

Bartiromo said the sheriff’s name was being floated to take Comey’s place. Would he take the job if offered? Watch the brief clip to find out.

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  1. David Clarke for the top cop, F.B.I. director, out standing…

  2. Sheriff David Clarke for the top cop the F.B.I. director, this would be crazy good…

  3. I would like to see Sheriff Clarke in this position. As FBI Director, my opinion is he could bring back respect for the FBI. That is certainly needed.