Here’s What That Liberal Lawmaker Said to Star Parker AFTER the Abortion Bill Hearing

During my testimony yesterday at a Congressional Committee hearing about abortion, I testified how abortion does not address the needs of the most vulnerable in our country and should NOT be considered a government program such as Medicaid or food stamps (SNAP). What you’ll see below is what is now a viral video of an attack on me from Democratic Representative Steve Cohen because he was so offended by my message. You will see his attack in the video below where he told me I was ignorant.

Also, after the hearing, Cohen approached me, put his finger in my face, and gave me his office number. He told me to come and apologize to him in person.

This offended liberal congressman represents the poor parts of Memphis, Tennessee. These are distressed communities where CURE works to spread our message about limited government. These communities have a poverty rate that is the highest in the nation at 30 percent and climbing!

Eight of the zip codes in and around his district have triple the rate of infant mortality than the rest of the nation. If this area was its own country, it would be the fourth worst in the world for infant mortality.

So please watch this video, share it with your friends, and tell your friends to share it as we upset the liberal establishment, talk about ignorance, how abortion is not healthcare, and make a change for life!

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  1. Star Parker is my hero for telling the truth. Abortion murdered 19 million black babies in a span of 20 years in the USA. Way more than Hitler and I am forced to pay for it with my tax dollars. This is equal to half the 36 million population of blacks in the USA. This is called ethnic cleansing. Margaret Sanger, founder of what became Planned Parenthood, was a racist who wanted to purge the USA of blacks.

    • 19,000,000. Just think about that. What have we become?

      • We have become a society/culture that Celebrates Human Sacrifice!
        Woman who PROUDLY PROCLAIM they have: sacrificed their PreBorn, Innocent Baby, by knife or caustic chemical to end its life!
        Even a brutal serial kill is executed in a more Humane manner!

  2. I met Star Parker a number of years ago and was impressed by her thoughtful opinions. Later I read her first book, which recounted her personal experiences in an honest way. I believe what she says here.

  3. Thank you, Star Parker for speaking truth to this committee. You are intelligent and articulate. Not only did you address the abortion issue, but your comments about the damage being done to the sociological structure of the family in the community is a critical point. Shame on Steve Cohen for his rude remarks and behavior which seem to reflect where his heart really is when addressing women’s and racial issues.

  4. After listening to the ending of the video, a blantant and very interesting statment to Star Parker from Steve Cohen, while he was adminished for his ending statement to Star Parker, “she’s is ignorant about ‘me’.” That was so childish and seems obvious, Star Parker struck a “cord of conviction”. Definitely Steve Cohen lacks civil decorum!

    Admiration and prayers for all these warriors, Star Parker, Alveda King and a plethora of many more. Thank you and God Blessings for anointing and strength to speak the truth.

  5. I appreciate that Ms. Parker provided so many facts and statistics to support her position. Information that is readily confirmable with a bit of research. I must shake my head at Mr. Cohen at his lack of decorum and lack of respect towards a witness before the committee. He is the one who should apologize AND remember that he is a servant of the people–not one who sits above the constituency but is obligated to do what is in best interest of All citizens, including those in the womb.

  6. Yaaayyyy, Star!!! I love your message. I remember when you came to Austin soon after your book, “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” was published, to give a lecture at Houston-Tillotson University. I had you sign my copy to my son, who was 4 years old at the time and he will get it in May, on his 18th birthday (unless I cannot wait.) He’s has Asperger’s but is very good at communicating and is really keen at understanding the tenants of Christianity and Conservative thought. He will become a fighter for you!

  7. Please accept my sincere apology. I’m embarrassed by Steve Cohen continuously. I live in Memphis and he definitely does not represent me. His arrogance knows no bounds. Ms. Parker, please continue to state the truth. When people are confronted by facts they don’t agree with, they always take the low road and reveal their true nature.

  8. Well done Starr! The tide is turning…..keep taking the high road!

  9. Do not ever be deterred Ms Parker!

  10. What an amazing advocate for women and for babies! The congressman, on the other hand, owes Ms Parker and his constituents a big apology!

  11. Cohen, a Jew, is continually reelected in a slum district of Memphis, TN with a 80% black population. He is angry at Parker because she is a black woman who escaped his socialist/Marxist plantation, a plantation which enriches him through plying government socialist programs at the expense of tens of thousands of welfare recipients dependent upon the largess of the government.

  12. Thank you Congressman Gohmert for reprimanding Congressman Cohen on his poor behavior and lack of respect toward an incredible woman, Starr Parker, who knows her facts!

  13. Great job, Star.
    Or perhaps more appropriately – well done good and faithful servant.

    ‘And you shall be brought before governors, and before kings for my sake, for a testimony to them and to the Gentiles: But when they shall deliver you up, take no thought how or what to speak: for it shall be given you in that hour what to speak: For it is not you that speak, but the spirit of your Father that speaketh in you.’

  14. You, Sir, may think that your poop don’t stink, but I would suggest it does. You are a servant of the populace, you are not God Almighty. To suggest that Star Parker owes you an apology is like asking Stephan Douglas to apologize. Planned Parenthood and government genocidal programs continue to target blacks, natives and those in poverty.
    You may be of the opinion that black women need your white solution to the problem of being pregnant, but I would challenge this type of thinking is consistent with elitist, racist and immoral.

    • Beth, this is not a ‘black vs. white’ issue. It IS a moral issue that affects all of us as citizens. Plenty of ‘white’ babies being aborted also.

  15. Star, I had despaired that there are any Negros speaking out against the evils of abortion. Unfortunately, the pro-life movement has somewhat of a racial divide. I thank God for you! I have been very disappointed to see none of your race attending pro-life rallies except a handful of Catholic high school students. It’s so horrible that so many arrogant people like Cohen think he is too good to be told the truth. “A wise man loves rebuke but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. Poor Memphis for being stuck with a “massa” like him. I hope they wise up and get rid of him.

  16. Ms. Parker is THE Star! I’ve admired her courage for years. Her wonderful convictions defending the unborn and her voice need to be heard more. Mr. Cohen is the people’s servant-not the other way around. His arrogance is beyond the pale and he is the one who owes Ms. Parker the apology.

    • I agree 100%. Now, the residents of that area in Tennessee must elect a decent representative. Mr. Cohen showed his true colors by his disgraceful behavior. Thank you, Star Parker. God bless you for your courage.

  17. He heard truth! His outraged emotions indicates that he knows it as truth…deep down. Praying that God would not let him forget this truth, and that his heart & mind would be forever changed.

  18. Martha Katharina Marktl

    I am from Europe and live there. The speech of Cohen was one of a typical Liberal, of Social Democrat. They are always tricking “I am so offended and so on by your arguments…”. This is common everywhere.
    There is no need for apologizing. For what? For saying the truth?

    Abortion destroys not only children, also their parents and a sensible part of society. Parker explained this well on the example of the Black Community. Before Roe&Wade (and Miss Roe demorsed and converted at last) there
    were less divorces, less single mothers and so on in Black Community as I understood (English is not my mother tongue).
    And Margret Sanger was an awful unsatisfied woman, cheating her husband etc . She would have killed my mother and aunts and uncles, too. My grand-parents were poor workers, Catholic and my grand-mother suffered on epilepsy.

  19. ” Blessed are those who are persecuted for my Name’s sake. ” YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Don’t stop being able to give a rightly fitting response with gentleness and respect. The TRUTH is plain for all to see. Amazing statistics! Their only recourse is to deny, deflect and try to destroy. Remember, Hamaan hung from his own gallows. Too bad they shut down debate again. Imagine if you’d asked That truly racist megalomaniac to disprove you. He was really close to vocal admission they consider this a more ‘Christian’ solution, thereby exposing their wicked perverse agenda. Praying for your influence to be far and wide in training soldiers for Christ, rooted in Truth, knowing we struggle not against flesh and blood and our weapons are not carnal. May we equip legions in this next generation to gird our loins to reclaim lost ground and prevent more, by continuing to remind the enemy hath come to steal, kill and destroy. His deceptions never fulfill and we will have an accounting at some point. We cannot serve two masters. God Bless!

  20. I don’t want to make light of a very sad situation, but it just popped into my mind. Perhaps it was because he seemed so entitled. All I could see was a red flag going up when he told Star to come to his office to apologize. I could only think of Harvey Weinstein and wondered if he was planning on something. The very idea that he assumed she would apologize for HIS rudeness has all the hallmarks of the way people like Harvey operate.

  21. I’m so proud of a fellow American speaking the truth in love. You have an amazing testimony and I look forward to hearing/reading more of your work. Tragically, a prime example of double standards is when a woman is murdered along with her unborn child, the criminal is charged with the murder of same unborn child. But wait, I thought that it wasn’t a child/baby. Just a bundle of cells, blah, blah, blah. The liberals are in damage control mode and desperate since the Queen Bee didn’t get her presidency. One day soon the lion will lay down with the lamb. Keep being that light so desperately needed. I, as you, got ‘woke’ when Christ met me when I needed Him most! Stay strong!🇺🇸

  22. I saw you in Houston some years ago and became a fan. Have never disagreed with anything I have heard you say since. God bless you and keep you safe. You are one of a kind.

  23. Wow- I don’t even know what say about Cohen’s response to this! Uh, 1st of all, RUDE! How in the world does he keep getting elected in his district? Can’t his constituents SEE the man he truly is? He displays an arrogance of “I sit UP HERE, and you are DOWN THERE!” He has been a member of the TN Senate for OVER 30YRS!! He has done nothing for the people whom he is elected to represent. He is a prime example of a Democrat who wants to “keep ’em down” & on the Gov’t cheese. Get that man out of your Senate seat, Memphis and elect a Republican who wants ALL to have a right to life, ALL to be working, contributing members of society and ALL to gain self-sufficiency for their own live and success!!

  24. WOW!! I am a 64-year-old, white, moderate Republican in North Texas who has never heard of Star Parker until 11/6/17. SP is extremely articulate, well informed, poised, persuasive, and resolute. She should run for a House seat. She would be a welcome antidote to Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton, and so many other black, crooked, low-IQ politicians. Ms. Parker seems at first blush to have all of the skills, education, and experience to assume a position of public leadership. She seems to articulate the common sense view of the correlation between poverty and out-of-wedlock birth rates in the black community that Bill Cosby advocated for years before he fell from grace. She should try to get booked for an appearance on the Morning Joe TV program.

  25. Mr. Cohen exhibits the standard reaction of a left/lib when he gets angry at an argument he cannot refute. That he makes his accusations against an African American woman who has taken his measure just shows what a hollow man he is. A “Congress person”? — puts his pants on one leg at a time like all the rest of us. He’s no more immune from criticism than anyone else. If it were not so, this would have long ago ceased to be America.

  26. Can you imagine Planned Parenthood selling eugenics. This is horrific. Why are abortions in poor neighborhoods? Why not make people accountable. Democrats platform is “if you don’t like abortion, then don’t vote democrat” this is disgusting.

  27. Thank you, Ms. Parker, for speaking up for those who can’t speak. Mr. Cohen is a bully, and he’s trying to use intimidation to divert attention from the issue that you presented. Don’t get sidetracked by small-minded people, who speak about their emotions instead of facts. Keep doing what you’re doing. I believe one day, there will be indisputable facts that abortion is murder, and we will all look back on it like any other huge societal wrong.

  28. Ms. Parker, I am disgusted with the congressman’s response to your words. The people in congress tend to forget who they work for. You should be congratulated for you position and speaking out for your beliefs. Thank you for representing the innocent.

  29. She should have told him that he was the ignorant SOB and he needed to apologize to her! You get nowhere by just taking their BS Starr. You have to fight back on national TV. That’s what , we, the people, want? Stand up and be counted!!

  30. Thank you for speaking for so many women. I have had abortion and I will always try to lovingly stop a woman from doing what I did.I have stopped many. I wish someone had spoken to me first. Abortion is murder and I shall face my God for murder. Guilt is a hard task master, but I believe that I’ve been forgiven. I am Christian, so I have hope. Thank you Ms. Starr, never give up the good fight, I do not. May God bless you.