This is Why We Need More Armed Citizens, Not Fewer

In a free country that allows citizens to keep and bear arms for self-defense, there will be mass shootings and similar gun-related tragedies. But the ability to protect oneself with a gun far outweighs any misuse by people like the mass murderer in Texas, who reportedly killed himself after killing at least 26 people attending church on Sunday.

An unidentified armed citizen shot and wounded murderer Devin Kelley, who fled in a vehicle. The man who shot the murderer and a man who witnessed the exchange decided to pursue Kelley.

“The shooter got in his truck, the gentlemen with the rifle came to my truck as the shooter took off, and he briefed me quickly on what had just happened and said we had to get him, so that’s what I did,” Johnnie Langendorff said.

The murderer lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch.

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  1. “The ability to protect oneself with a gun far outweighs any misuse by people.” Yes, exactly right. We need more open carriers in our country now. Things will be waxing worse as we go forward. Be prepared to protect yourself and your family. Sharing this one.

    • Not to start some “flame war,” but I do not ascribe to the “open carry” idea. Primary reason being, having little desire to visit an early death, I have no desire to make myself the “first target.” Though the argument can be made that some whack seeing someone armed would choose an easier target, as has happened on other occasions, the detected armed person is the first shot. In one case, it was actually a fully uniformed police officer in one of those “Gun Free Zones!”

      • I fully agree, and as a CCW permit holder the absolute LAST thing I would ever do is to advertise that fact by carrying my firearm out where anyone can see. As a practical matter, I have no intention of giving away tactical surprise.

  2. This is only my opinion. I have no solid evidence. But it occurs to me that the seemingly growing number of murders in houses of worship — 72 so far this year — is having the opposite effect Second Amendment opponents would like. I believe the need for personal self defense is being driven home more strongly than ever to the majority of Americans.

  3. If the Democrat left had the presidency, there would be a strong arm to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens in spite of the 2nd Amendment. We the people must be willing to defend our families and our houses of worship. These are perilous times.

  4. Luke 22:38 gives a Biblical mandate to choose your caliber for self protection. Packing the sidearm of the day was a great deterrent.

  5. Self protection had always been a God given responsibility. 2nd amendment is stressing to the government that it’s hands off my weapons. More people killed by their own government in 20th century than the wars themselves. You do the math.

  6. We may want to be more concerned with wanton bloodletting in God’s House rather than pros/cons of gun rights.

    • That is a definite concern. A concern that was obviously not in the mind of the demonic individual doing the bloodletting! The unfortunate truth, in America today, is that there are no “safe places” from mindless carnage perpetrated by EVIL. Much of the problem stems from America and Americans abdicating responsibility to help, incarcerate, or institutionalize the (PC term) mentally challenged. All of our mental institutions are antiquated, out of date, poorly administered, under staffed, too few operations from a bygone day. Sadly, there is little discussion for addressing this national problem!