How We Can End Identity Politics

Star, CURE's National Clergy Director, Derek McCoy (second from left), and some of our pastors!
Star, CURE’s National Clergy Director, Derek McCoy (second from left), and some of our pastors!

Just a few weeks ago, I spoke at a conference in Michigan about education, poverty and opportunity as a keynote speaker. The governor was in attendance and Betsy DeVos was there, too. She is Donald Trump’s pick for the Education Secretary who I positively wrote about in my syndicated column this week.

Michigan is in the middle of transition to take back our cities from progressives who sow division, destroy families, keep people poor, and keep our children uneducated.

But right now, progressives forced the state into a recount because President-elect Trump won by 10,000 votes!

Let’s be clear: progressives will not take this loss lightly! A recount is nothing compared to what they have in store. In their meetings and in the media, liberals have made it clear: they say they didn’t lose based on their policies of failure. Instead, they believe they were simply unable to get minorities out to vote.

In other words, liberals are about to double-down on identity politics so they can keep Americans on their urban plantations:

— Just last week, Symone Sanders, who was Bernie Sanders’ spokeswoman, said that no white person should apply for the Democratic Party’s leadership position.

— And on CNN yesterday, she said, “‘Make America Great Again’ takes us back to slavery and internment camps for the Chinese.” She later tweeted that she meant to say “Japanese.”


Throughout the campaign, Mr. Trump spoke about the urgency of fixing our inner-cities. Friend, I founded CURE — the non-profit based in Washington, DC — because we will never make America great again when our children in our inner-cities cannot read, do not graduate, do not get married, and repeat the cycle of poverty onto their own children. Mr. Trump knows this, too.

That’s why, on December 15 — in only two weeks — my team and I will hold a major conference call with our black pastors across the country. In this strategic meeting, our pastors will share with each other how they applied our training throughout 2016 and how we must fight for our freedom and our children in the pews, in the streets, and in the media in 2017 as we dismantle the urban plantation brick by brick! 

In the past 100 years, conservatives have only held all three branches of government for only six years. We must take this opportunity to unshackle Americans from the bonds of poverty.

Fight back the race-baiters who keep our kids in inner-cities poor, uneducated and forever voting for progressives to rule their lives.

StarParkerBCNStar Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at

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